Power of the Unconscious as seen in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

As a massive Harry Potter fan, I’ve read all of the books and loved all of the films just the same.  Although some of the films translated the finer nuances of certain books better than others, ultimately they did a great job in the adaptations.  Order wasn’t my favorite film, nor my favorite book (those honors go to book three, and film seven) — however, there was a scene in it that blew me away and was way cooler than anything I could’ve conjured up in my head. (pun intended)

You may already know what scene I speak of — the ultimate showdown between the two greatest wizards of all time: Dumbledore and Voldemort.


If you haven’t watched this scene, or movie, in awhile, I highly suggest you go do so sometime after you read this.  You may see it in a new light.  But just to refresh your memory, Harry runs out, alone, to the main hallway of the Ministry of Magic to find himself face to face with Voldemort.  Who could easily Avada Kedavra him away.  Which he would have, had Dumbledore not shown up in the nick of time through the floo network to save the day.

What commences is an awesome display of their equally impressive magical skills and prowess.  So skilled neither one of them utters a single incantation.  It’s a battle of magical wills, and they are truly the only match for the other as far as greatness and power are concerned.


If you are well-versed in the meaning of the Unconscious as defined and characterized by Freud, and later Jung, you know that there is theorized to be enormous energy pools contained within.  Like the water held back by a dam with enormous potential energy, the Unconscious is modeled as a reservoir of pure, raw power held back by the conscious mind.

Thus, it would seem evident that from a psychological perspective, what we witness in the final act of Order is but a gritty parlay between two opposing Unconscious forces, squarely leveled at each other.  When uncloaked they become deadly archetypal forces of good and evil, in their pure and unequaled glory.  Both wizards were once only boys, hardly deserving of any designation of greatness, and as noted by Harry earlier in the film, both of them were once beginners in the magical arts.  This highlights the key point that this sort of untapped and massive energy pool is dormant and available within each one of us — just waiting to be harnessed.

Watch it again and enjoy viewing it from this perspective.